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Our papers are selected from the finest in Europe, our Thermal papers have been carefully selected for their intended use and are mostly EPSON and IBM approved grades, where this is not the case we shall usually be sourcing bespoke product for a specific use or contract. We have access to most grades from these manufacturers in a variety of weights.

More traditional roll products are manufactured using either wood-free or mechanical papers with recycled or virgin fibres. These are sourced from traditional paper mill that have serviced our market for many years, thus providing consistency of product and reliabilty in their use as they are well proven papers.

Many bespoke specialist grades, for example, Self-imaging, Gummed or Tissue papers are sourced from selected approved mills as and when we require them.

As already stated above our Thermal Paper base material is sourced from mills with Epson and IBM accreditations.

Koehler Paper Torraspapel Paper Co
Premeir On Form Reels Denmaur Paper Modo Paper
Kanzan Paper Jujo Paper Mitsubishi Paper Mills

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